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Parker Posey: Queen of Sundance

Ok, I admit it. I have a crush on Parker Posey. Not a romantic crush. Just a cinematic one. I think she’s brilliant. I love her acidic snarl and doe-like eyes. She has millimeter-perfect dramatic timing. So, I sort of swooned when I got to meet her for two seconds in the press line at Sundance in 2007. She was there for two movies, Broken English and Fay Grim. Both really good films, and she excelled in both. Here’s an excerpt from the piece I wrote in

If Sundance has an aristocracy (go figure) then Parker Posey is the Queen of the festival. Sure, there are others, ingenues and waifs, divas and dames, but none commands the elements of raw emotion and sharp comedy in such achingly easy juxtaposition as Posey, and has done so time and time again at a festival that has come to define independent cinema in the US. In a year of few standouts (no “Little Miss Sunshine”, no “Hustle and Flow”) but plenty of seven figure acquisitions, Posey has once again gracefully entered the ballroom with her signature poise and class.

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Movie Poster for Broken English

Movie Poster for Fay Grim

Jemaine Clement: New Zealand’s Finest Import

This is a post with links to an article I wrote about Flight of the Conchord‘s Jemaine Clement for I interviewed Clement by phone at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival after seeing him in the US premiere of Eagle vs Shark (New Zealand’s answer to Napoleon Dynamite). This was just before Flight of the Conchords came out on HBO. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

In Eagle vs. Shark, New Zealand’s latest cinematic export (nationwide from June 29th), Jemaine Clement plays Jarrod, possibly the nerdiest anti-hero since, well, since “Napoleon Dynamite.”

The comparison is an obvious one but Jarrod isn’t simply a carbon copy of Napoleon D. He’s more Napoleon Mach 2 than Napoleon Redux. He’s more settled in his nerdiness, happier with his inner geek, and with a lot more chest hair. As a result he’s a lot sexier, a lot darker and mysterious, and a lot more ready for the kind of romantic comedy that writer/director Taika Waititi thrusts upon him.

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Movie Poster for Eagle vs Shark

HBO Poster for 2nd Season of Flight of the Conchords