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The Other Half

This video is a trailer for the feature film I wrote, directed and co-produced along with my writing/directing partner, Richard Nockles. It stars Danny Dyer and Gillian Kearney, with Vinnie Jones in a brilliant supporting role as the evil football manager he always wanted to be. Released in the UK and around the world in the summer of 2006, then in the US in the fall of 2008, it has sold over 100,000 dvd’s in the UK alone, and has just been re-released there for the arrival of this summer’s World Cup. The film won the Audience Award for Best Film at the 2006 Porto International Film Festival. US residents can rent it on Netflix.

The Other Half – 90min Feature Film from marlowe fawcett on Vimeo.

The Unprofessionals

“The Unprofessionals” is a feature screenplay written by myself and Richard Nockles that is in development.

Read an excerpt here.

Otixo Promo Video

Super fun promo I wrote, directed, produced and edited for a very cool start up cloud app called Otixo. We shot stills of objects then processed them through Poladroid app to create awesome digital polaroids. We printed these, cut and trimmed them and then shot these as stills to create stop gap animation.

Andy Collen of happytrails animation then created some fun animation to round it all off.

Oh yeah, and the doing the SFX was a blast!


Otixo Promo from marlowe fawcett on Vimeo.

Colin and Renea: A Love Story

This is a wedding video I shot and edited for Colin and Renea Murphy. It was a two camera shoot and the other cameraman was my German friend Marcus Lucas who was in Boulder at the time editing his feature documentary “State Dinners“. The edit was a bit of a nightmare due to having two very different cameras and video codecs (EX1 and Marcus’s JVC) but I’m very proud of the results, and Colin and Renea were very happy with it too.