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Shooting History

I discovered this unheralded indie film at Sundance 2004. It really impressed me, more for its brazen production method than for its plot or acting which were both simple and decent but nothing outstanding. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

ABOUT half way through “September Tapes”, a fictional documentary set in post-Taliban Afghanistan and one of the more interesting films screened at this month’s Sundance film festival, the protagonists get involved in a gun battle with Taliban fighters. No surprises here: as civilian westerners near the Pakistani border they are easy targets. What does come as a shock, though, is the unmistakable sound of live ammunition. To borrow Michael Herr’s words, the elephant is right there, sitting on your chest.

Part “Blair Witch Project”, part “Apocalypse Now”, “September Tapes” tells the story of three people searching for an elusive truth, in this case the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden in the middle of Afghanistan at war. George Calil makes a superb job of playing Don Larson, a gung-ho American journalist deeply affected by the September 11th terrorist attacks. Driven on by a hidden resolve, he drags his cameraman, Sonny, and their American-Afghan translator/guide, Wali (Wali Razaqi) deeper and deeper into the heart of the war between the Northern Alliance and the remnants of al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

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Trailer for September Tapes

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