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Sundance Channel’s ‘The Art of Seduction’

One of my favourite pieces I did for was a review of a great little series of shorts distributed on The Sundance Channel called The Art of Seduction. Filmmakers were asked to make a short film using only their mobile phone and some of the results were very impressive. Guy Maddin’s short, Nude Caboose (see YouTube video below), was, in my opinion, the clear winner, having been the only one to actually shoot his film on a videophone. Here’s a link to The Art of Seduction movies, and here’s an excerpt from my article:

The cell phone is sexy. Really, it is. Its very function” short, instant communication – is inherently intimate, a perfect tool for seduction. We are social beings after all.

Taking over from the clunky ‘land line,’ in its day usurper of the far more romantic and languorous ‘billet doux,’ the mobile is a coy and desperate cupid. Text messages reduce language to haikus of hidden subtexts, while photo and video messages take this one step further: What lies just beyond the frame? What was the object of our desire doing before he sent that clip… and what is he doing now?

It is no surprise then that the Sundance Channel, no prudish school teacher of an organization, is running a series of short films for download to your mobile phone under the banner “The Art of Seduction.” According to Merriam-Webster’s, ‘to seduce’ has the following meanings: To persuade to disobedience, to lead astray, to entice to sexual intercourse, to lure, to attract. But the dictionary, like a teasing text message, leaves many questions unanswered, such as: In the act of seduction who really is the seducer and who the seduced? And how exactly does it happen? How do you do it?

And here’s a link to the full article.

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